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What Travel Agents are saying

I particularly appreciated how easy it was to navigate through the chapters to educate myself about the 'Must Knows' so that I could sell with confidence. As advisors of travel we do not have tons of time so it is refreshing to be able to refer back to the tips when needed.

Valerie Mahoney ACC

Thai The Knot program was very easy to do and honestly learning tidbits from the Thai Islands is a great way to help out your clients with information that they wouldn't already know, makes you stand out from other agents.

Cherie Poitras

I thoroughly enjoyed my training and learning all about the Thai the Knot Specialist Program! It was very user friendly. The input from the various travel agents sharing their thoughts were excellent. The pictures and videos came to life right before my eyes. It was so fascinating that we visited Thailand to experience it for ourselves to learn more to better serve our clients!

Larry and Dee Daniel Certified Travel Agents

Thailand Tourism Thai the Knot Specialist program is informative, and the best program of its kind.

Christine Ward Ixtapa Travel

It is an excellent tool for me to use, I love the suggested trips and trip planner tool. The Specialist Program itself is well balanced with just the right amount of information to provide confidence in discussing Peru as a destination for clients.

Kim Rickels Black Label Travel

I have participated in several of the TravPRO programs. This is really the best resource out there for travel professionals to learn and access sales tools. I find them very interesting and valuable.

Patricia Cotti Travel Advisor

“The electric light did not come about from the continuous improvement of the candle.”

- Orin Harari


How do you currently support agents to help convert more sales during the potentially long periods in between these engagement activities?


To successfully activate more sales in the B2B channel, you need to plan beyond training and engagement exercise like those below.

You also need to solve for keeping your best sales information, in front of as many sellers as possible, at the right time and place, during those long periods in between events. How better than arming your sellers to truly add-value, have better conversations and more successful outcomes?

The travel advisor engagement activities, such as training, continue to be important sales activities for transferring sales knowledge, but far from the finish line in terms of sales.

Interactive. Mixed Media.
Any Device. Even Offline.

Training re-imagined to satisfy all 4 different types
of learner and preferences.
Allowing agents to train anywhere (offline), in groups,
jump between devices, gain peer insights, and more.

Global B2B2C
Sales Enablement

The ultimate mobile Sales Enablement solution and resource
to drive 
incremental sales and ROI. 
Frictionless. Online. Offline. Any Device.

Retention, Promotion, Product Exposure and Sales Conversions.

Increase Participation, Reduce Fraud.
Contest, Points Based, Hero Tiers

Omnipresent on all devices to make submission of confirmed booking as easy as possible. Gamified to amplify the rewards with prize wheels.
RezSnap™ anti-fraud technology available.

Capture, Identify, Message.
Behavioral Machine Learning.

Reporting that extends what yuou know about individual sellers
beyond “graduate”, track time spent, shares, downloads,
views, directory queries and more.

Certified Advisor Training

Elevating the on-demand learning experience to satisfy all learner types, expedite registration, and maximize ‘graduate’ rate. Offers agents unique ability to train offline - whenever and wherever, jump from device to device maintaining progress, train in shorter bursts, while personalizing and reinforcing the learning experience. 

Defining strong instructional design; concise copy, integrated peer tips, burst video, interactive testing and reinforcement throughout. Available via web, IOS and Android native apps to satisfy any agents device preference maximizing knowledge transfer, retention, and long term effectiveness.

desktop nexus ipad

Guillermo Miranda, current Chief Learning Officer of IBM, recently described 
the best-designed learning architecture for today like Digital Marketing...

“It embraces many types of content, it collects data on interactions and activities, it uses intelligent systems to promote content and monitor employee usage, and it is personalized for everyone.”

Inspiring Content

Concise copy, 30-second burst videos, interactive maps and a better balance of experiential media to anchor learning. Modules designed to take less than 15 minutes each.

Interactive Test Questions

Learning made Fun! Move beyond numbing multiple choice, with over 20 engaging and interactive question types.

Content Management / Updates

The only CMS in the industry allowing you to update and optimize any and all content and collateral in near real-time across Web, iOS and Android.

Expedited Registration

Nothing kills the performance of a training strategy quicker than a lengthy registration and onboarding path. We get agents training within 30 seconds.

CROSS- DEVICE Progress tracking

We produce three separate versions of the training. Apple devices, Android devices, and Web to maximize the training potential of each device.

Easy and Intuitive

Just as we use apps like Uber to locate a ride or like Doordash to order food, professional training and sales support should be as easy and intuitive to accomplish the goals of SELLING.


Sales Companions drive Sales Conversions

An unequaled enablement platform that puts your sales content back in the spotlight. Native apps for mobile, with identical websites for computers makes your best sales information omnipresent.

Designed to aid and augment retention, promotion, product discovery and tools to increase sale conversions for long after the training Diploma is earned.

A frictionless sales platform that accelerates sharing, discovery, promotion and conversions. A modern solution that puts you in control, featuring full Content Management (CMS) control to edit and update ANY media in real-time across ALL platforms.

“If you want to amp up your sales force to engage effectively with today’s buyer, you need a modern enablement program – one that has training and rep readiness core to its strategy.”

Mary Shea, principal analyst at Forrester Research.
“What Sales Readiness Strategies Matter Most for B2B Sellers?”


Burst Video, Advisor Insights™, Custom Maps, Tactical info, Promotional Infographics and more to add value to any sales conversation.


Our solution differs in that we create 3 versions in native format for Web, Apple and Android. Allowing us to maximize the capabilities of each device, not just the browser like responsive web.


With all the content for the mobile versions downloaded to the agent’s personal device, there is no need for Wifi or Cell service to sell.


Combine Coaching along with all sales content and collateral aggregated in the toolbox to easily access and leverage on the fly, to help prospect, sell or develop your sales skills.

Retain, promote, discover product, sell More

All the tools sellers need to ‘Be The Expert’, add value, familiarize themselves with a destination or brands products with a mobile Sales Toolbox to help close more sales.

REAL-TIME DIRECTORY & Product Showcase

LIVE directory of private sector partners for destinations to showcase their suppliers. For Hotels & Cruise clients, direct integration of booking engines and itinerary planners.

Incentives and Rewards

Current rewards programs are plagued by low awareness, nominal participation and sporadic booking submission activity. As well, accompanied by certain frustrations administering, maintaining momentum, deciphering ROI and ultimately suffering from
being ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

Our solution overcomes these program ‘killers’ and smartly activates awareness, participation and sales submissions… delivering you a viable incentive program to build loyalty with your most productive agents. A vastly different approach from the standard web-only programs.

We also solve for administrative and verification issues, while simultaneously reducing the administrative work to monitor and safeguard the integrity of the program.


Once enrolled, accessible from any device - No manual log-in, fully integrated into Sales Companion™.

Easy Access

No manual log-in, usernames and password via app access. Unique PIN access for web.

REZSNAP™ Anti Fraud

Fraud prevention utilizes camera from devices to capture image of confirmation screen to accompany booking submission.

Streamlined Admin

Image verification and spot-checking streamlines monthly verification process and payments.

Gamify with ‘Spin the Wheel’

A proprietary element to our platform taking agent participation and fun-factor to another level.

Optimized Fulfillment

Getting agents rewarded in a timely manner can make or break the entire program, build equity faster.

Actionable Analytics

Capturing Data is one thing, making it actionable is what drives results.

The dashboard is an information management tool that visually tracks, analyzes, and displays key performance indicators (KPI), metrics and key data points to monitor the health of the program and any of it's subsets.

The password protected dashboard is available via web from any device and easily lets you visualize the Key Performance Indicators and other strategic data for your organization at a glance.

The dashboard is evolving into a robust tool that presents management with the information they need for reporting back internally and adding relevancy to messaging.

Winner of several HSMAI Adrian Gold Awards See More

What Clients are saying

Very impressed with the quick turnaround and understanding of the needs we had. Very happy with the superb product we see, but also the rollout and execution from their team.

Video Play
Line Vreven Director of North America Visit Flanders

We now have a program that engages with agents regardless of the device to connect with the brand… allowing agents to interact with Breezes outside of traditional trade shows and sales calls, and truly supplements our sales force.

Video Play
Matthew Tippins Director of Marketing for Breezes Hotels and Resorts

The touch points at conferences and trade shows are very short. Now we have a great sales tool to have agents use continuously, discover, reference, learn about our partners and keeping them engaged.

Video Play
Marco Frank Trade Manager for Visit Flanders

The beauty of what TravPRO really offers is in its simplicity...the tool is so easy to navigate and that is why the agent community truly loves to engage with it. We are thrilled with the results we are seeing and are excited to continue this journey with TravPRO.

Video Play
Leona Reed Associate Vice President, Global Marketing
Visit California

We were really able to customize based on our resources and goals. If you’re looking for a dynamic B2B platform, this is such a great investment to stay top of mind with your sellers!

Video Play
Sera Cawanibuka-Seruvatu Senior Marketing Manager, Tourism Fiji

Current Clients

Meet the Leadership Team

Jonathan Cooper founder and CEO and Frank Sillen General Manager European Office. Between the two of them they have over 50 years of experience in the travel and technology space. Together they launched TravPRO in 2014 with the goal of changing the way organizations think about educating sellers and ensuring easy and seamless access to critical selling information whenever and wherever sellers need it. Since launching, they have continued to win clients and change the game for the better.

Jonathan Cooper CEO/Founder
Frank Sillen Vice President, General Manager European Office

Here are the Team Leaders. Chris leads our team of exceptional programmers and coders across all platforms and solutions. Also a formally trained designer, Chris has a unique skillset that ensures our solutions are always one-step ahead. Jenn and her team handle all production, client services and marketing to agents while also managing the adoption aspects of all platforms. Truly could not be where we are today without these two PRO’s.

Chris van Workum Lead Software Engineer
Jennifer Belz VP Marketing and Client Services

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